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Greenway Views, designed by Gray Puksand for LDK Healthcare and Cromwell Property, rewrites the book on design for retirement living and aged care – and it strikes a chord. It presents a new standard of senior living – one in which atmospheric health, ageing in place and genuine quality of life prevail. Located in Canberra, the joint venture between LDK Healthcare and Cromwell Property and delivered by FDC Construction and Fitout breathes new life into five buildings, each with two wings, previously occupied by the Federal Government Department of Social Services. As much an exercise in human-centred design as it is a case for adaptive reuse, Gray Puksand’s design champions a resounding connection between place, community and care, while empowering residents with a deserved sense of freedom and dignity that goes unparalleled in the aged care and retirement living sectors. The central philosophy aims to provide a better quality of…

For Three Tavern’s second location, conceived as equal parts brewery and laboratory, the brand new Imaginarium explores the curious nature of craft brewing. Located in the historic Atlanta Dairies adaptive reuse development a mile from downtown, the volume of the selected space was perfect for the requisite large stainless steel brewing tanks. Square Feet Studio’s biggest challenge was working with the small but very tall footprint and accommodating their client’s desire to have more seating than their first brewery. So they designed a mezzanine that allows the beer-making process to be viewed from different vantage points, each offering its own particular experience. Structure for the upper level was carefully coordinated in and around the brewery’s production area to maximize functionality and safety. Each seating area allows for different vignettes and moods, all with little moments of discovery. To complement Three Tavern’s well-loved interpretation of traditional Belgian-style beers, designers embraced a…

Designed by Kiev-based architect Emil Dervish, ED_OFFICE gives us a glimpse of the firm’s creative world, where the magic happens. The building features incredible architectural detailing including high ceilings with beautiful mouldings, tall arched windows and herringbone flooring. A marriage of modern and traditional, I love how the original details and raw finishes contrast with contemporary furniture and lighting. Photography :Mikhail Loskutov See also :

Here comes a project by the Anarchlab studio, the rehabilitation of a building of Public interest in the historic center of Porto. The intervention building is part of a set of buildings ordered to be built by the Fábrica de Cerâmica das Devesas, in Porto, which functioned as a warehouse and showcase for the various products manufactured at the time by the same company. There are now 12 apartments in the interior, from the loft type with mezzanine to two bedroom apartments, spread over 2 main floors, plus a last one with a smaller area, which constitutes the mezzanines. Organized in the interior through the careful distribution of simple volumes (cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms) of monolithic aspect, such as the stone blocks that populated the warehouse in the bustling activity of the old Ceramics Factory of Devesas, the habitable space becomes if so, the emptiness resulting from the dialogue between these…

In the IKEA Christmas Catalog 2020 you’ll find a selection of inspiring home furnishing ideas created using their existing range and forthcoming products that can make throwing a spectacular celebration easier than ever. Which means you can spend more time savouring the fun that’s on the way. Enjoy it!!! See also :

Most of us are longing for Christmas holidays. And regardless of whether we get to celebrate Christmas together physically or digitally this year, the atmosphere of the Christmas season is special for many. Christmas is slowly but surely approaching, and already now it is creeping into the shops. The Christmas collection at Åhléns goes under two clear themes this winter. One is characterized by nostalgia and looks back to childhood, the more traditional and the world of Nordic fairy tales. The second theme is more stripped down and gives us a Christmas feeling in a modern style. Enjoy it !!!! See also :

English shop John Lewis is known for its bold and unconventional approach to the design of Christmas interiors, so their festive collections always give tons of inspiration and interesting ideas. This year, the designers put emphasis on moody interiors in complex deep colors, while the decor pieces are colorful and cheerful. Ideas vary from how to create a welcoming Christmas doorway to playful ways to style your fireplace for Christmas. And, of course, there are some glamorous and glossy touches that have already become branded for the company. Enjoy it !!!! See also :

Outside, the frost has seriously bitten into the tree branches. The sun sparkles in the fresh snow and against the clear sky the white smoke from the chimneys stands out. Once inside the doors of Anna Truelsen, we are greeted by stove heat, lit candles and the smell of freshly grilled ham. Anna works as a stylist and lives in a country house from the 1930s with her husband Michael and two sons. The family has lived in the house for 12 years, and during this time has slowly but surely renovated room by room. And if there is something that characterizes the old house, it is charm. Especially now, before Christmas, when creative Anna has rolled up her sleeves and styled her own home. Enjoy the tour!!!! Photography :  Jonas Lundberg  See also :

Despite the strange situation we are all in, Christmas is on the way, so it is the perfect chance to cheer up a bit and start decorating…. Zara Home has now released their Christmas collection 2020 and according to them, this holiday season is going to be warm and serene and I think we can all use a bit of that right now. Zara Home: A Portrait of Holidays shows you how you can incorporate their holiday collection in a beautiful serene rustic home. Warm fireplaces, lots of wood and neutral color tones are combined with the red and purple Zara Home Christmas decor. See also :

It was Zara Home that invited photographer Frederik Vercruysse to take the shots for its new autumn winter 2020 campaign “Interiors with a soul”. They took place in the private residence of master craftsman Eddy Dankers in Belgium. Here timeless is celebrated, and past and present are mixed in harmony with a decoration based on beautiful materials and neutral tones.

First mentioned in 1277 and owned by the Kamaun family since 1840, the “Red Eagle” (Roter Adler) – now lovingly known to guests and friends as the “Vögele,” or little bird – has been featured in many stories and tales. The site was home to secret meetings during World War II, and the password, “Vögele”, was known to only the most powerful and connected wartime tacticians. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German literary luminary of the 18th and 19th centuries, also appreciated the institution’s very special nature, since even back then the Red Eagle menu featured an outstanding selection of delicacies. Today, the restaurant still hosts the longest-standing regular meeting of patrons anywhere in South Tyrol, with guests gathering to debate and discuss current topics. Artist, host city personality, life artist, original, jack of all trades: This is Karl Kamaun. A young team of architects and designers, noa* (network of…