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Here comes a project by the Anarchlab studio, the rehabilitation of a building of Public interest in the historic center of Porto. The intervention building is part of a set of buildings ordered to be built by the Fábrica de Cerâmica das Devesas, in Porto, which functioned as a warehouse and showcase for the various products manufactured at the time by the same company. There are now 12 apartments in the interior, from the loft type with mezzanine to two bedroom apartments, spread over 2 main floors, plus a last one with a smaller area, which constitutes the mezzanines. Organized in the interior through the careful distribution of simple volumes (cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms) of monolithic aspect, such as the stone blocks that populated the warehouse in the bustling activity of the old Ceramics Factory of Devesas, the habitable space becomes if so, the emptiness resulting from the dialogue between these…

The property is a three storey over basement seafront house at Ardenza Terrace in Monkstown, Dublin. The building is a protected structure dating from 1854. When the owners purchased the house as a family home in 2013 it was in need of complete refurbishment, in addition a small extension was added to the rear as part of the works. The front façade of the house is north facing, with the result that the main reception rooms, whilst having fantastic sea views, were without sunlight. The design introduced a kitchen / family room space stretching from front to rear at ground floor. This flows into the new glazed dining room extension which connects the living areas with the south facing garden. The formal drawing room was retained at the first floor, with the master bedroom at second floor overlooking Dublin bay. Ornate plasterwork and original joinery details were restored throughout the…

Born to Greek immigrants (Dad from Sparta and Mom from Gytheo) , Aristea was born and raised in Canada where she studied Photographic Arts at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Her passion for spaces and landscapes has her photographing environmental portraits, interiors and lifestyle products for advertising and editorial clients. She loves it when hints of contemporary finishes are playfully applied to modern design. She’s all about the eclectic infusions rather than matching the furniture. “Mix it up a little, allow the objects in your space to speak individually.”She is currently represented by art agency Judy Inc. in Toronto. Here is her work on an interior design project by Alisa Rose Design.

Derek Swalwell is a photographer with a unique eye for capturing architecture, interiors, landscape and lifestyle. Known first and foremost for his architectural photography work, Derek’s practice encompasses lifestyle, advertising, and automotive work, as well as a slick folio of personal creative projects. Shooting since 1999, he started working with Melbourne architects and designers. His work has since expanded to include international design firms, advertising agencies and many overseas titles. He enjoys working with great people and ideas.

Matthew Williams currently lives in Brooklyn, but was born in New Zealand – a land whose raw beauty is still influencing his style. He travels the globe working for some of the top architectural and interior magazines in the world. When the photographer is sent out on a shoot, there is no question that he will come back with beautiful images. He brings an honesty to his photography, and has a way of truly connecting with his subjects, whether a person or house. Enjoy Matthew’s work!!!!!

Sarah has been shooting interiors and still life for over 12 years. Her aim has always been to achieve a painterly quality that portrays a genuine sense of serenity, and she works equally well with studio lights and day light. Sarah is proud to have created editorial work for House & Garden, Elle Decoration, Living Etc, and commercial work for Ikea, The White Company and Linley. She has also collaborated with some of the industry’s leading stylists. Therefore, it is with great pleasure, we want to share works from her portfolio. As always, the pictures are very expressive, each detail is transferred incredibly accurately, preserving the general atmosphere of a single interior. Enjoy!!! France, holiday home, Lagrasse, Nicole Albert, lifestyle Interiors, Banda, Novocastrianco, detail, battersea Interior, emerald, green, stylist Gabby deeming, photographer Sarah Hogan Banda, Battersea, fireplace, materials

Photographer Matthew Williams was born in New Zealand, and closeness to nature and simple beauty still determine the style of his work today. During his career, Matthew has worked for numerous clients in different parts of the world, from well-known magazines to leading design studios, but all his photos are equally natural, live and inspirational. This is the first part concerning his work since Matthew is such a prolific photographer!!! I do hope you also find a lot of inspiration in his wonderful portfolio.

Few photographers are able to convey light, warmth and intimacy the way Pia Ulin does. Born in 1965 in Sundsvall, Sweden, she has worked as a professional photographer for more than 20 years, focusing mainly on interiors and lifestyle. She studied at the International Center of Photography in New York in the early 1990s, and following this, she began her life as a professional photographer working mostly in Scandinavia and Europe. In 2012 she expanded her work to the US and lived both in NY and LA but is now back in Sweden. She is signed with Stockholm agency LinkDeco. Ulin gained a reputation early in her career using only daylight, giving her images a warm and natural touch often associated with a Scandinavian aesthetic. Her commercial clients include H&M Home, West Elm, Ikea, Sonos, Cath Kidson and Anthropologie. She has worked also with a variety of stylists and international interior…

James Stokes is a British photographer who divides his time between Stockholm, Amsterdam and Helsinki. His editorial work is published all over the world. James regularly works directly with commercial clients on seasonal campaigns and brochures.  With 20 years experience, he brings a large range of skills and insights to the complete production process. His cooperation with talented stylists, as well as the subtle ability to convey the beauty of texture and color, allow him to create aesthetically beautiful pictures. Hope you’ll enjoy his portfolio!