Here is a well-planned, beautiful turn-of-the-century property for sale at Entrance. Stylishly renovated and soberly colored.The rooms are lightly furnished and framed in preserved stucco and moldings. In the dining area there is a large dining room furniture with room for many. The elegant double doors can easily separate the rooms if there is a need for a second bedroom. Giant window area gives a light entry beyond the ordinary, so even with the extremely daring color scheme, the room becomes light and airy. Enjoy it!!! See also :

Full renovation and fit-out of an apartment in Hale House mansion, London Kensington by Alpex Architecture. The property’s total area is 250sqm. It is a four-bedroom apartment with a wide main reception room and kitchen looking towards the pedestrian Canning Passage and Family Room that can serve as a TV Room and Study. The Master bedroom is provided with a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite shower room, concealed behind pivoting doors.It has been designed to meet the client’s expectation of high-quality finishes and contemporary design in respect of the original features, as high ceilings, and traditional sash windows. Because of the great complexity of the project and excellent standards expectations, it has been quite challenging to find and manage all specialist suppliers and consultants in order to achieve such a final result beyond expectations. Photography : French & Tye See also :

The house will be located in Southern California in the majestic and magnificent Joshua Tree National Park. The idea of creating an interior design concept for this house was inspired by the nature of the desert. That is why designer Yana Prydalna used the main background for the walls – the sand color of decorative plaster.  It looks very native to nature.  In order to open the natural spaces in the apartment, the architect who designed this house (a separate professional) created large panoramic windows along the entire length of the house. The theme and style of the interior come from deep Japanese culture, but not in its purest form: the designer adds modern elements and direct forms for furniture and decorative elements. See also :

It’s hard not to catch your breath in this fantastic floor for sale at Bo-laget. A dark painted hall leads into three wonderful salons in a row. The ceilings are high and so are the windows. Mouth-blown culture glass, bars and deep window niches frame the view of St. Paul’s cemeteries. The light is almost magical! Double doors separate the lounges and the view through them is something out of the ordinary. Soft, earthy color choices run throughout along with patinated board floors and decorative joinery. The feeling is soft, grand and homely in a sweet mix. On the other side of the hall there is a smaller bedroom with access to a courtyard balcony and a kitchen with brown doors and a light marble worktop! See also :

Private or public, hidden or visible, classic or modern, local or international? The new luxury apartment designed in the heart of a developing Israeli city is treading on the fascinating tension between parallel lines that seemingly never meet, but maintain an intimate, warm and harmonious relationship in one sophisticated space. Following the dialogue with the customers, k.o.t architects realized that they should be looking at the apartment not merely as a space that sustains life in it, but as a space that has a life in itself. And as a condition for the existence of this life, they chose to create an apartment that gives a sense of constant movement.Thus, a partition system of various materials “breathes” during the day at home, opens and closes, reveals and conceals, and allows the house to change according to the activity that is taking place in it at that moment.Sometimes it is a…

This apartment by Konstantin Kildinov is located in Reitarskaya street, in the historical center of Kiev.A project that allows designers to demonstrate their approach to creating quality visualization and its ′′ live ′′ implementation. Do you see a wet stove on the balcony after the rain?! By collaborating with the ADD DESIGN studio, you set a new meaning to your space.They work on projects around the world and bring all their experiences and dive deep into the creation process. With them customers simply understand all implementation processes. See also :

With expansive views over Balmain Bay and centred around an existing weeping gum tree, the design ,by Thodey Design Architects, starts at street level where the walkway and entry is a journey of continuously descending deep within the terrain of the site; connecting street to bay. Every architectural element and detail is celebrated in this design; with polished concrete floors, high glazing to frame the natural elements surrounding and the warm hues of timber to ceilings and joinery all come together to create a home that is both playful and architecturally expressive. The warm hues mixed with the views to surrounding gums and jacarandas create a beautiful and peaceful palette throughout the home. Photography : Anson Smart See also :

Here is a county parade floor in Lennartsnäs castle with an exceptionally beautiful location and a view of the idyllic castle park that slopes down to Görvälnfjärden in Lake Mälaren. Unique accommodation in scenic surroundings with wonderful views, all-in-one speed, close to Bro Hof Golf Course and only 30 minutes from Stockholm. Well-appointed floor with fantastic ceiling height, generous and airy living areas with consistently the absolute highest standard with great consideration for the castle’s original style and design. Exclusive kitchen, tiled stoves and large dining area and stylish bathrooms. The floor has been renovated to absolute top condition where modern elements, quality, classic color choices have been mixed with beautiful details such as stucco, parquet flooring, stone floors, tiled stoves, fireplaces and elegant doors. This stylish apartment is currently for sale at Per Jansson. See also :

A unique listed Warehouse Conversion apartment by on the banks of the river Thames, where the brief was to refinish the space to compliment the original beams and columns that give the dwelling so much character. To achieve this the space was finished in tactile paints and rustic grade flooring, and finally dressed with monochromatic Scandinavian furniture and eclectic brutalist and eastern treasures. A cottage style gem that looks to be floating on the river. Photography : Helen Cathcart See also :

The apartment exudes a pleasant calm and especially the kitchen is an oasis, not least when the huge cherry trees outside the windows bloom in the spring. With the white, thick walls and a wonderful light, it feels a bit like living in a gallery. The living room, bedroom and kitchen have whitewashed wooden floors, and the level differences create an interesting spaciousness.  The two spacious rooms are lined with black glass-framed industrial doors in New York style in between. A wonderful accommodation is offered, and the neighborhood’s courtyard environment is like a private park with well-kept plantings, exciting height differences and many seating areas placed in different places. Photography : Janne Olander See also :

Interior designer Belén Domecq has created a subtle and elegant mix between rural and Moroccan style in her country house in Toledo, Spain. Inside you can breathe the essence of the place thanks to the gabled ceilings made of the typical heather and rockrose wood of the area or spaces preserved almost the same as in origin, such as the one next to the kitchen with two stone benches. stone and a fireplace where livestock keepers used to sleep.  In the newly built U-shaped wing, Domecq has opted to open and let in light and views through iron and glass enclosures that almost make it a gallery furnished with pieces that speak of an elevated field, such as a 16th century tapestry. Enjoy it!!!! Photography : Montse Garriga See also :