This Major Renovation project by Noble Architecture in Vancouver is not just a restoration; it’s a rebirth. It’s an homage to the past, a celebration of the present, and a vision of the future. This renovation marries the heritage and charm of a 102-year-old house with the vibrancy of 2022. Designers’ goal was to unveil the hidden beauty buried beneath layers of insincere “renovations,” and let the house glow once more.

Challenges were aplenty as they embarked on this journey. The house had weathered previous lives of careless renovations, burying its original style under a facade of inauthenticity. It was no small feat to peel back the years and layers to reveal the genuine charm that lay beneath the surface.

Their mission was clear: to spotlight the old heritage style, while infusing this round of restorations with a dash of modernity. The design embraces a “maximalist” approach, seamlessly intertwining heritage materials and decorative trim with timeless and contemporary elements. The result is a celebration of the past and present, uniting them in harmonious coexistence.

As they breathed new life into the house, materials and elements were selected to stand the test of time. The palette blends the best of the old with the innovations of the new, creating a space that captures the essence of its century-long history while embracing the expectations of the modern world.

Photography : Janis Nicolay Photography


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