When two sister in-law dentists went to Reena Sotropa In House Design Group studio they were in need of a major overhaul to transform an outdated dental office space they had just purchased. Their clinic, Destination Dental, is not your average dental practice, it is also a wellness spa! Specializing in both dentistry services as well as cosmetics, dermaplaning, massages, and more. This unique concept called for a space that was just as unique and luxurious! When the clients approached the studio, all they had was a branding package consisting of mint and hunter green tones with brass accents. With this in mind, designers brainstormed and developed a space that completely captured a feeling that was aligned with their pre-existing look for their brand’s graphics.

Photography : Phil Crozier

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Anastasia is the lead author of House-diaries.com. She has studied English Literature and Psychology in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as Interior Design & Architecture in AKTO College. She works in the field of Higher Education and has a special passion for cozy interiors.

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