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The Doss House, Sydney’s newest whisky bar, showcases bespoke, crafted spaces paying homage to the building’s past as an opium den, gambling house, bootmaker and boarding house dating back to the 1840s.The design by buck&simple: doers of stuff, draws upon the rich, bustling commercial and maritime development of The Rocks precinct, capturing the contradictions of refinement and larrikinism so prevalent in Sydney’s history. Comprising four underground rooms and two light filled courtyards, the boutique basement bar showcases custom designed whisky cabinets with wall-to-wall, rich American oak joinery. The history remains with exposed sandstone, original fireplaces and hardwood ceilings forming the back drop to the space, complimented with tanned antique leather furniture.Maintaining the integrity of the Heritage listed building forged a path for the design with no wall fixings, protective floor layers and all detailing preserving the original fabric of the site. Working with such a significant building structure, the palette…

With a direct connection to the sea edge, there is now an opportunity to acquire this lovely boathouse with Stora- and Lilla Amundön as the nearest neighbor! In the interior, you are met by well-disposed surfaces with generous ceiling height that creates space. The shed is practically designed with a smaller kitchen for easier cooking, a cozy sleeping loft and a well-equipped bathroom that facilitates everyday chores. Through the tallest double doors in glass, you get out on the sun-drenched jetty deck with space for a larger lounge area that is well suited for atmospheric dinner parties. See also :

Born to Greek immigrants (Dad from Sparta and Mom from Gytheo) , Aristea was born and raised in Canada where she studied Photographic Arts at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Her passion for spaces and landscapes has her photographing environmental portraits, interiors and lifestyle products for advertising and editorial clients. She loves it when hints of contemporary finishes are playfully applied to modern design. She’s all about the eclectic infusions rather than matching the furniture. “Mix it up a little, allow the objects in your space to speak individually.”She is currently represented by art agency Judy Inc. in Toronto. Here is her work on an interior design project by Alisa Rose Design.

Interviews with the designers of inspiring homes from around the world. About the podcastThe spaces that we live in have an enormous impact on our lives. Every fortnight join architect George Bradley, as he interviews architects from around the world to find out how they create inspirational places to live. If you are interested in house design, are planning a project of your own or just love good architecture, then this is the podcast for you. At the end of every episode, George will be asking his guests the same three questions; what really annoys them about their home, what house have they visited that has made them feel happy and if they could choose anyone to design them a house, who would they choose? George Bradley is a director of London based studio Bradley van Der Straeten Architects. About the episodeIn this episode, George is joined by architects Monique…

Derek Swalwell is a photographer with a unique eye for capturing architecture, interiors, landscape and lifestyle. Known first and foremost for his architectural photography work, Derek’s practice encompasses lifestyle, advertising, and automotive work, as well as a slick folio of personal creative projects. Shooting since 1999, he started working with Melbourne architects and designers. His work has since expanded to include international design firms, advertising agencies and many overseas titles. He enjoys working with great people and ideas.

Jennifer studied fashion design, but made the switch to interior styling after working for lifestyle magazines. ‘Colour is my signature, but it’s not about always using the strongest shades, it’s about creating interesting combinations. I draw inspiration from all sorts of references – it could be as simple as clashing shop fronts’ she says. Jennifer is passionate about using colour and composition to create beautiful images. As comfortable on location as in a studio environment she is dedicated to producing the highest quality work whatever the brief. Working predominately in London and with a packed address book of photographers, set builders, PRs, locations, prop houses and transporters to hand, her work as a stylist ranges from producing beautiful editorial pages to working closely with individual designers and multi-national companies, as well as designing and setting up events – thriving on the variety this brings. Enjoy her work then!!!!

Despite their Southern California origins, the corporate team had been located in Scottsdale, Arizona for a number of years. With a return to Southern California in the works, Fender partnered with Rapt Studio to create a new office along Los Angeles’ famed Sunset Boulevard that celebrates their return and takes their legacy into the future. Built to engage professionals and music enthusiasts alike, Fender’s new home reflects the company’s commitment to redefining the experience of music. Surrounded by celebrated music icons like the Fonda Theatre and Amoeba Records, the company’s new office at Columbia Square embraces the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles and places instruments close at hand for employees and visitors alike. As a bold presence in Hollywood, the office fuses with the city’s creative energy to engage future generations of musicians. The design of the space was influenced by the sleek contours, niche colors, and finely tuned…

Burls are highly figured, natural deformities typically removed from the trunks of trees and discarded before the wood is sawn into lumber. When seen through the eyes of a craftsman, however, such castoffs can become functional works of art. The prototype Kerf Table set is one such example of beauty borne from nature’s anomalies. Each of the ten limited edition tables is created from a slice of a single intact burl that Design Principal Alan Maskin recovered from a Port Townsend, Washington lumberyard. Each unique tabletop highlights the twists and turns of the burl’s raw edge. Kerf cuts create barely-there slots for metal plates, forming the connection for three forged and welded steel legs fabricated by Anvil House in Seattle. The surface of the tables features a hand-rubbed oil finish by Seattle furniture artisan Steve Clark. Maskin designed the tables to be intentionally versatile; appropriate in groups or singularly, in…

Anna Malmberg is a well-known Swedish photographer. She grew up in the north of Sweden, surrounded by forests and lakes, with ghosts and spirits as her closest neighbors.She started experimenting as a photographer at age 14, because it was the only way she had to create a bridge between fairy tales and reality,timeless fantasy and present time. It was there, where her style was born. Personally i like the totally artistic, bohemian and nonchalant style she has , with her love for earthy colours and the choice for natural, ecological materials.Her house is decorated with a monochrome palette and filled mostly with vintage pieces so her son’s room could not resist the same dreamy feeling which goes straight to our heart.

Matthew Williams currently lives in Brooklyn, but was born in New Zealand – a land whose raw beauty is still influencing his style. He travels the globe working for some of the top architectural and interior magazines in the world. When the photographer is sent out on a shoot, there is no question that he will come back with beautiful images. He brings an honesty to his photography, and has a way of truly connecting with his subjects, whether a person or house. Enjoy Matthew’s work!!!!!

NEST DESIGN GROUP is a full service interior design firm that believes in the importance of achieving the perfect nest for each client. Designers Jana Erwin and Audrey Tehauno accomplish this by making their clients’ living and work-spaces beautiful reflections of each client’s individuality. You will notice as you look through their portfolio that each nest is unique. They pride themselves on not having a certain “style,” and they will never try to fit you into a box. They love your uniqueness and your home will reflect that. Birds often make hundreds of trips collecting materials to build their nests. NEST collects textiles, antiques, rugs, and unique findings from around the world, bringing them back where they are destined to create your perfect space. Enjoy then this open-plan, bohemian place!!!!!