First mentioned in 1277 and owned by the Kamaun family since 1840, the “Red Eagle” (Roter Adler) – now lovingly known to guests and friends as the “Vögele,” or little bird – has been featured in many stories and tales. The site was home to secret meetings during World War II, and the password, “Vögele”, was known to only the most powerful and connected wartime tacticians.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German literary luminary of the 18th and 19th centuries, also appreciated the institution’s very special nature, since even back then the Red Eagle menu featured an outstanding selection of delicacies. Today, the restaurant still hosts the longest-standing regular meeting of patrons anywhere in South Tyrol, with guests gathering to debate and discuss current topics.

Artist, host city personality, life artist, original, jack of all trades: This is Karl Kamaun. A young team of architects and designers, noa* (network of architecture), designed the new dining area of the traditional “Vögele” restaurant in the middle of the historic center of Bolzano.The redesigned “Kamaun Stube” aims to become an inspiring tribute to Karl Kamaun. Two opposing walls, one with a ceiling high self-portrait, the other with an ancient photograph showing the artist at work, evolve within a special dialogue that aims to define the new atmosphere.

Photography : Alex Filz

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