Interiors and exteriors in that challenging project provide just about everything for a comfortable everyday life, while also alleviating the crisis we found ourselves in.

The location can be anywhere in the world, and the project is a place to escape, the so-called Stay at home house – explains very simply Sarajevo architect Armin Mesic of Fo4a Architecture studio. Inspired by the current situation we are in, engulfed in a global pandemic that we can fight simply by staying isolated inside our homes, the architect came up with the idea of ​​a home that is a perfect haven and provides us with everything to ease this period.

INSPIRATION : In addition to the current situation, the architect reveals to us that the inspiration for the project came in part from one scene of the popular 2015 American drama “The Revenant” with Leonard DiCaprio in the leading role. Like Hugh Glass, the hero of the film, he stands alone in a meadow in the midst of beautiful scenery, far from anything and everyone. If we dare make a comparison between home and man, Leonardo DiCaprio is a good personification of Armin‘s idea. Constructed of reinforced concrete and steel, facades of stone and wood, the house spans 92 square meters with a 36-square-foot terrace. The building floats above the Earth’s surface, and V-shaped steel black columns support its additional insulation, separating it from the ground as well. Enjoy it!!!!!


Anastasia is the lead author of She has studied English Literature and Psychology in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as Interior Design & Architecture in AKTO College. She works in the field of Higher Education and has a special passion for cozy interiors.

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