The Royal Mail Hotel was constructed in 1855 by an early English Settler by the name of William Mereweather. The Mt. Sturgeon Homestead started construction 10 years later in 1865. These four blue-stone cottages located at the base of Mt. Sturgeon were originally the quarters to the cooks and shearers who worked at the nearby station.

Byrne Architects‘ goal for the cottage’s restoration was to create a cosy and calming sanctuary that providing a natural escape and getaway from everyday life. Their primary concern for the project was to encompass the secluded and natural environment around the cottages whilst also retaining the history and raw beauty of the dwelling’s original structure. So they incorporated a vast mixture of earthy tones, natural textiles, and timber ceiling beams to the interior design to help to equalise the cool bluestone walls. Not only did this adds hints of warmth to the space, but the cottage interiors felt a lot more connected to the outdoors and its natural surroundings than before.

Photography : Derek Swalwell

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