Once upon a time, in a place far far away, there was a small village where time stood still, a village with a name like the song of the crickets, with a white fortress on a hill, friendly peasants, 300 cows, horses and too many sheep to count. The place of our story is Viscri and here, right in the heart of the village is Prince Charles’ house, a blue roadside cottage guesthouse facing the sun each morning.

A carefully renovated Saxon house using traditional methods, materials and local craftsmen and preserving the original carved and painted signatures on the house’s beams. A 1912 reconstruction on a 1700 foundation, furnished with old painted pieces with a few modern twists for extra comfort. Besides the old rooms in the original Johann Dootz old house, the property also features a cottage restaurant build inside the barn with 80 sits and a lovely terrace in the orchard behind. You can book it on Airbnb here!!!!

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