Private or public, hidden or visible, classic or modern, local or international? The new luxury apartment designed in the heart of a developing Israeli city is treading on the fascinating tension between parallel lines that seemingly never meet, but maintain an intimate, warm and harmonious relationship in one sophisticated space.

Following the dialogue with the customers, k.o.t architects realized that they should be looking at the apartment not merely as a space that sustains life in it, but as a space that has a life in itself. And as a condition for the existence of this life, they chose to create an apartment that gives a sense of constant movement.
Thus, a partition system of various materials “breathes” during the day at home, opens and closes, reveals and conceals, and allows the house to change according to the activity that is taking place in it at that moment.
Sometimes it is a door that opens, a curtain that is shifted, or only the rays of the sun that are broken differently through a shelf unit……

Photography : moshi gitelis

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