Having been a finalist in the Australian Sustainability Awards 2016 and a winner in the BDAV Awards 2016, this project is a great example for Melbourne Design Studios’ adaptability and creativity : Given a brief for contemporary new residences for a development, the team also took on the dilapidated heritage home on the allotment, transforming it into ‘Waltham Jewel’, one of Richmond’s finest homes.

MDS director Marc Bernstein’s plan for the Victorian-era home took the developers on an unexpected journey: “The home was initially a leftover piece of the equation that the developers just weren’t really interested in. Ultimately, they were amazed by what we made of the house and that it could actually be, not only commercially attractive, but also a really beautiful piece of architecture.”

The scheme has been designed to respect the house’s original heritage character while introducing a contemporary edge and ample natural light. Each room is given its own treatment to create a sense of place and belonging – “each space in the building has its own feel and its own character,” he explains. This character largely comes down to how the building’s details work as a whole. “It’s about bringing the smaller elements together and playing with the overall theme that really makes this home special.” (Published with Bowerbird).

Photography : Peter Clarke

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