This is a story about a family with 3 boys that wanted to stay in the city but have a large outdoor space. They bought a spacious garden apartment in an eclectic building from the 1920s. During the renovation process Ma / Deux Studio integrated the preservation elements with  the family’s wish for a modern and updated design. The eclectic 20th century building was designed by architect Alexander Levy, who created some of the most recognizable buildings of the city that decade. The design of the building shows influences of Art Nouveau alongside Neoclassical motifs.

The eclectic design of the structure penetrates inside. The design combined traditional materials with new ones, custom-made and clean carpentry items with new and old furniture from around the world. We believe that the apartment is a meeting place of conservation and the contemporary. The floor is raw oak in a fish-bone pattern (a childhood memory of the owner), the wall at the back of the kitchen is covered in brass (which continues on, peeking into the entrance hall), the work surface is Dekton and the bathrooms were covered in Tadelakt, traditional Moroccan waterproof plaster. The dining table is from India, the lighting fixture above it is from Paris and behind the new blue velvet couch is an old metal bench that the owners brought with them from their old apartment. The apartment is built in a U shape and divided into relatively small square rooms.
The kitchen was planned at the heart of the apartment, in the passage linking the kids’ rooms and the living room and the parent unit. At that location it became the center of the house, a place people pass through and meet all the time.

Photography : ITAY BENIT

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