The Über Shed 2 is the second rural building Jost Architects have designed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. The project came about because the client had “a lot of stuff” and needed more space to store it, display it and enjoy it. His collection included vintage cars, WWII army jeeps, model planes, GI Joes, art, old signs, signed guitars, antique tram ticket dispensers etc etc etc.
There was an existing off the shelf blue corrugated shed which was only 4 years old with galvanised structural steel still shiny. The problem the client had apart from the need for more room was that he couldn’t get his classic, stainless-steel Airstream bus in due to the access being too low in height and could just not see how keeping the existing shed was going to work. The architects convinced him that they had to keep the existing structure, adapt, re-clad and add to the building to make it work both functionally and visually to look like it was always one building. It improves a usually bland utility into a piece of elegant architecture set in an amazing setting. It realizes the fact that there isn’t really a preconceived idea about what a shed should look like and proves that a shed can look really great.There’s not really much more to say about it as the photos pretty much tell the story.( Published with

Photography : Derek Swalwell

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