Set within a stunning CBD heritage listed building, a mid-80’s modern style, modest apartment was entrusted to In Design International Studio with the clients’ clear brief to return a “practical weekender” for personal use to accommodate family including 2 young grandchildren.
Their layout and design encompassed a holistic approach to the entire apartment. They relocated partition walls while working around structural elements and rises to improve spatial planning of this tiny weekender.  Working meticulously to avoid unnecessary slab core drilling, they maintained the position of the WC but negotiated variations to other plumbing fixtures with ease. The end result is a 2 way ensuite/bathroom with a mezzanine storage room above, accessible only by a hidden electronic drop down stair case via a broom closet! (AKA ‘the secret room’ as the grandchildren now call it!). Enjoy it!!!! ( Published with BowerBird ).

Photography : Isamu Sawa

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Anastasia is the lead author of She has studied English Literature and Psychology in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as Interior Design & Architecture in AKTO College. She works in the field of Higher Education and has a special passion for cozy interiors.

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