This house was built by the Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno for his family. It is located in Kozyn, a village in the suburbs of Kyiv. There, more than 15 years ago, Sergey Makhno began his journey. And then he decided that he would live there.The house is built in contemporary Ukrainian style under the influence of Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi that finds beauty and harmony in imperfections. Being almost completely enclosed by a minimalist concrete fence, its character can be seen with half an eye — a proud thatched roof hangs over the wooden rails on the walls.These materials are traditional for both Ukrainian and Japanese cultures.

This house is also home to an impressive collection of contemporary Ukrainian art. Besides, there are famous Kaws and designer art-toys by Sergey Makhno — Dido, made in the ancient Ukrainian tradition of zoomorphic plastics.

Photography : Serhii Kadulin |


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