Inspiration for this project by Snorre Stinessen Studio, was mainly drawn from the landscape, the orientation in relation to views, privacy and the sun, but also strongly from the client wish to entertain guests and family visiting over longer periods.The design seeks to emphasise the closeness to the nature while allowing a comfortable stay indoors and it also seeks to underline the transition between spaces and activities we normally are too busy to appreciate.

The building is comprised of several individual volumes and spaces connected via in-between spaces that provide an experience of being outdoors and symbolises the transition between spaces and functions. The conceptual idea is to tell the story of journeys in the everyday life and to emphasise the values and importance of our different activities. The organisation also allows for guests to stay over longer periods and several activities to take place without disturbing each other.

Photography : Terje Arntsen


Anastasia is the lead author of She has studied English Literature and Psychology in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as Interior Design & Architecture in AKTO College. She works in the field of Higher Education and has a special passion for cozy interiors.

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