Les Deux Gares is the first hotel to be worked on by the interior designer Luke Edward Hall. . Hotelier Adrien Gloaguen, founder of hospitality group Touriste, found his next project when he stumbled across an abandoned railway station hotel with fabulous bones in a narrow alley. As Gloaguen surveyed the space, still decorated with floral wallpaper from the past, he was immediately transported to French New Wave films from the ’60s and post-wave ’70s —and he knew just the interior designer to call, Luke Edward Hall. The wild child of English design has combined English chic with French soul using bright colours and Art Deco furniture.

The joyful rooms feature bold colors and whimsical designs from a mash-up of different eras and endless artistic references. The interior design tells a story throughout the hotel of an eccentric Parisian whose art and furniture collection reflects various travels to different eras.  For booking inquiries, head to the hotel website or here !!!!

Photography : Benoît Linero

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