Connecticut-based architecture and interiors firm Hendricks Churchill has recently been named an 2019 ICAA Stanford White Award Laureate for “Residential Architecture – New Construction Over 5,000 SF” for its Oblong Valley Greek Revival project. Completed fall 2019 in Sharon, CT, the home was commissioned by a family who first employed the firm to design two ancillary structures on the property, which ultimately inspired the final home – and focal point of the property. Led by principal and co-founder Rafe Churchill, the architectural design maintains an accurate respect for an adherence to Greek Revival tradition.

Hendricks Churchill represents the powerful alliance of Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill. This is fundamentally a collaborative enterprise: between architecture and interior design, between the principals and their skilled teams, between the firm and its clients. Every project undertaken is a journey of transformation defined by a shared desire to create spaces imbued with beauty, comfort and individual character. Credits to photographer Tim Lenz for his amazing photos.


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