Welcome to the first step on your journey of personal transformation. A wellbeing destination spa in the mythical Greek Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat offers a unique healing environment, with treatments and therapies that blend ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies and practices.Even as you arrive at Euphoria Retreat, your journey of personal and physical transformation begins. The densely forested mountainside of Mt Taygetus provides a majestic backdrop, rising to such a height that its peaks are still snow-capped in spring, just as the warming sunshine brings the lush valley of citrus groves and olive trees to full bloom and teases the intoxicating scents from the mountain herbs.

Euphoria Retreat is the perfect place to relax, redefine the relationship between your mind and body and reinvent yourself. Their holistic approach works as a process of transformation on all levels, restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. The ultimate goal of this transformational process is what it can offer you – a state of euphoria, embracing the Ancient Greek concept of a blissful life.

Photography : George Sfakianakis

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  1. I have been following alternative healing methods, and I really believe that it takes you to a state of euphoria. I undergo massaging therapy once in a month, and I feel the transformation in and out that heals your body and mind. Thanks for all the details about this retreat. Will check it out next year.

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