Ecological Summer House by Ohra Studio is a lesson of sustainability and integration of the interior design with the environment.
Near Kharkiv City in Ukraine, is where Ohra Studio carried out this unique low-impact ecological design project that is completely integrated with nature. The house is located on a plot in the forest. It is a construction which was created in a tradition of national Ukrainian Hata with the addition of modern architectural principles, like huge windows to keep a constant visual connection with the exterior. Simple materials such as natural stone blocks, clay, hash roof, wood, and glass allow easy integration with the environment.

Divided into two primary spaces: a living area with the kitchen, and a sleeping area with two children rooms, and a master bedroom, the house opens to the surrounding landscape through large sliding doors and glass windows facing the swimming pool and the forest.In this dialogue with the environment we were able to implement our basic values like simplicity, minimalism, sustainable approach, and, above all, closeness to the external environment. In this sense, the interior design was following the same primary concerns using only natural materials, considering lightning and clear atmosphere of the house. This project became for us a lesson of sustainability and integration with the environment. The perfect place for summer holidays to disconnect and reconnect with what is essential.

Photography : Ohra Studio

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