This house is in Palm Springs, CA is a unique home in a spectacular location. The house features a geodesic dome invented by Buckminster Fuller and is sited in the large wind farm at the north end of Palm Springs. It has an interesting history. It was originally built in the 1950s as a weekend family vacation home for a chemical engineer from Torrance, CA. The house was built without an architect and was pieced together by neighbors and local residents.

It remained unchanged until only a few years ago, when California architect Pavlina Williams, AIA and her husband discovered the house and recognized it as a diamond in the rough. Pavlina redesigned the dome, adding the triangular and other geometric windows which now provide panoramic views of the area. She completely renovated and remodeled the interior as well, introducing a treasure of mid-century modern furniture and design.The house is now the perfect desert retreat, and it’s a great place to escape for a weekend. Thanks to the efforts of Pavlina, the house has become an architectural gem in the desert.You can book this creative house here!!!! (Published with

Photography : krista jahnke

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