The apartment by One More Buro, belongs to a mid 30s couple working in artistic and business environments who wanted to save the unique atmosphere of the historical building their flat is situated in. However, they still wanted to add some modern vibe which would cohere with their personalities and the dynamic lifestyle they both lead.  

The main idea was to fully enjoy the space the owners had acquired without obviously dividing it into rooms what gave them more freedom in defining functions of different corners. So they aimed to highlight openness of the space and absence of too many details as well as to give full freedom of movement to the couple in their daily routine. The zones look as they were flowing into each other uniting into one wholesome space while also meeting the owners’ needs. One of the principles was also visual and functional simplicity of the space along with a calm palette of colours. Moreover, they focused on preservation of the old elements and the materials as the owners wanted to make some kind of blank canvas out of the flat to fill it with important things as the years go by.

Photography : Alex Bruh

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