The assignment from the client was to create a home for a family with adult children who could gather there on holidays. In terms of style, the client wanted a modern space, with a touch of luxury of national motifs. Spatially it was important to make the house comfortable for receiving a large number of guests and at the same time keep it cozy for everyday life.
The main challenge was not a very large size of the area with all the wishes of the client. New Almaty Architects Workshop (NAAW) made the plan square to maximize the usable area], but added a 2-story atrium with overhead lighting in the center to make the center of the house brighter. They also placed a two-story hanging fireplace there, which became the true centerpiece of the house.

In addition to the unprecedented fireplace, an important and unusual detail of the interior are bas-reliefs depicting national folklore motifs. They are inspired by the works of the Kazakh artist Yulia Ismambetova.

The project features big number of design furniture and lights, including brands like Arclinea, B&B Italia, Minotti, Bocci, Davide Groppi, Herman Miller.

Photography : Damir Otegen

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