Paulo Afonso‘s apartment is full of affectionate memories, and makes it a home full of history of friendship and love. An old building in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte, was here that he came to live when he left to study architecture in the capital and where he met his wife Dani.

As they could not invest in a major renovation, since they are not the owners of the property, they decided to adopt an unusual painting, in a way, a diagrammatic, architectural painting. A strip of red paint marks the circulation and in the bathroom, the strong yellow, enhances the original hexagonal hydraulic tile floor of the same color. The paintings, are simple and possible reforms for rented apartments, allow them to live in a space with personality, without making costly changes. They always like objects, and they carry with them things that remind them of trips, family and the work of friends and people they admire. The apartment, even small is full of their collection of paintings and objects, and works of friends, they have been gathering over time (Published with Bowerbird).

Photography : Dentro Fotografia

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