Perched on the cliff edge in Plaka, the main town on the Greek island of Milos, this 19th century house has been carefully restored by K-Studio to provide a London-based family with an authentically traditional yet practical summer retreat. Originally built in 1813, the house is effectively a 200-year-old stone organism. Unlike more recent building styles, it is not made up of separate elements, almost every part has been constructed in stone. The architects were keen to respect this organism, leaving the 60cm thick walls untouched and performing a very precise and deliberate surgery on the building with minimal intervention. They removed more recent structural additions to revive the original intention of the design and all new elements have been constructed with traditional techniques using locally sourced materials.

Originally used as a storage and utility space, the basement (quite literally carved into the mountain rock) has been restored to a cosy private guest suite. Throughout the interior, traditional and modern features work in harmony together Neutral tones and organic shapes throughout the house create a quiet sense of order. Instead of being filled with objects and art, there’s a minimally curated selection of handcrafted furniture, lighting and traditional objects that highlight the local craftsmanship and celebrate a quintessentially Greek artisanal style.

Photography : Vangelis Paterakis, Styling :  Anestis Michalis

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