In the heart of a urban apartment, a compact living room takes center stage by The Glade Design Studio. What began as a narrow-windowed space has undergone a captivating transformation, spurred by a client’s quest for a jaw-dropping first impression.

The decision to replace the window with a TV unit was audacious, and yet, it became the pivotal point around which this evolution revolved. Despite constraints that demanded preservation of wall paint, flooring, curtains, and lighting, the room’s soul was about to be reborn.

Enter the masterful joinery – a piece that not only merged seamlessly but became an integral part of the room’s DNA. The unexpected inclusion of an open wine shelf, though initially met with skepticism, ultimately added a touch of finesse, perfectly enhancing the overall aesthetic.

This journey embodies the fusion of imagination and design, where every element finds its place, igniting a sense of grandeur within the confines of a small living room.

Photography : Flavia di Bella


Anastasia is the lead author of She has studied English Literature and Psychology in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as Interior Design & Architecture in AKTO College. She works in the field of Higher Education and has a special passion for cozy interiors.

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